A Personal Tribute to a Leader

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Tribute
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This week Stan Saxton, a friend and mentor of mine while I was in high school and college, passed away. This is my tribute to his life as I reflect on his influence on me.

Stan was one of my most beloved mentors during a very formative time of my life. He lived what he taught to the very best of his ability, and was never afraid to take on the difficult questions that I would throw his way. He taught me responsibility by giving me responsibility. I can still remember that he and his nephew, Stephen, left the entire dairy farm in my hands while the family took time to travel and I was just a high school student.

Stan took me under his wings to show me how an elder of the church visits and shares with those who were hurting or in need. He laid his hands on me during my ordination ceremony to bless me in my life’s calling. I know he spent countless hours praying on my behalf. He encouraged me as I began speaking at the age of 16 at the Granville Center Church of Christ on different occasions.

Stan was the type of person who was calm under pressure and saw no reason for heightened anxiety over things which we had no control. The way he lived his life was a great example to all who had the privilege to know him.

Stan was not only my mentor and my employer, he was one of my elders, my teachers, and most importantly, a friend. Stan’s life has touched many and his legacy lives on in those of us who learned so much from his life’s example.

Stan Saxton Obiturary

May peace rest on his family and friends during this time of loss.


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