Association/Corporate Speaking

Here is a short list of Greg’s main topics which can be customized for your association or corporate event.

Dream BIG and LIVE Your Dream:
Practical Steps to LIVING Your Dream

In a world where the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” continues to widen, people need to know they can LIVE their dreams. In this inspirational message, Greg shares practical steps to fulfilling the dreams people have within themselves.

Too many people tuck away their dreams as they get older and soon the dreams are just that: dreams. People may talk about their dreams saying, “one day I will…” and that one day never seems to come. Greg’s passion is to move people out of the “one day” talk about their dreams to LIVING their dreams.

Greg’s message will start by helping audience members to uncover the BIG dream inside of them. They will be able to distinguish the difference between “the BIG dream” and those wishful thinking dreams.

Once the BIG dream is identified, Greg shares practical steps to start LIVING that dream today. He shares tried and true principles of action that move people toward successfully LIVING their dream.

Finally, Greg will share how to overcome the obstacles that will or have been standing in the way of LIVING the dream.

Dreams are just dreams until you start LIVING them.

This message is great for employers who want to increase their retention rates of good employees and increase productivity. When an employer shows an interest in their employees’ dreams and encourages them to LIVE those dreams, productivity increases and retention rates continue to rise. Greg has a SPECIAL BONUS he adds to follow up with audience members who want to LIVE their dreams.

For any organization who wants to inspire their members to dream BIG and LIVE their dreams, this message will be a catalyst to get people moving toward a richer, fuller life. Greg delivers practical steps that can be implemented immediately so the audience can begin taking their first steps toward LIVING their dreams.


The Paradox of Acquiring All Three

Forget about the CRAZY STUNTS to create your 15 minutes of fame. Don’t let a POSITION fool you into thinking you have power. And let go of the notion money is EVIL.

In this engaging presentation, Greg will have fun with the audience as he shares how to create a lifestyle that focuses on others. Attendees will discover the secrets to a successful life in business, in relationships, and in their personal lives that is a paradox to traditional thinking.

When it comes to FAME, Greg will share proven principles that demonstrate when a person is focusing on others’ fame first, they will in turn become a little famous as well. After all, who doesn’t want to be around a person who listens and makes them feel important?

When it comes to POWER, influence is the key to true power. True influence is born out of character and integrity, not position. Greg will share a few key principles of increasing your influence without stepping on others.

When it comes to MONEY, the one who gives the most will be the one who gains the most. Money is only a tool, a resource. Greg will show how the person who gives more in value than they take in payment and touches more lives will be the one who accumulates the most money.

This program can be done as a keynote presentation, a workshop/seminar, or extended training session.

Book Greg for your next event!


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