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The Siege

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Centuries ago, castles and fortresses like Ivangorod were built as strongholds able to protect its inhabitants from a number of enemy forces. Tall, thick walls were built to withstand battering rams and to allow defensive units to stand guard. The fortress was built to close down all access points into the fortress to keep any enemies from entering.

Occasionally, an enemy would lay siege to a fortress. They would surround the fortress and cut off any supply routes to force the eventual surrender of those within the fortress as supplies ran out. Soldiers would look out over the walls at the enemy and see them eating, drinking, and enjoying each day as if they were enjoying the high life. With each passing day, morale would deteriorate as supplies began to dwindle and rationing took place. It was either surrender, go out and meet the enemy in battle, or continue to wait it out and see if the enemy would pack up and leave.

Do you ever feel like you are on the inside of the fortress encountering the siege when it comes to LIVING your dream? You look out from the top of your fortress walls to see that you are surrounded by an unknown force that is keeping you locked down inside. 

As I stand upon the wall of my fortress, I look and I can see people who have set themselves free to enjoy life to its fullest. I can smell the breeze coming off the oceans where they are vacationing. I can hear the sounds of people enjoying a life of abundance and sharing their stories of freedom. However, there are two things I haven’t been able to do yet. I have yet to taste the fruit of a life of abundance nor have I felt true freedom in my life.

I am looking for every hole in the enemy line that is keeping me from receiving the supplies I need. I am looking for every opportunity to LIVE my dream and leave behind the limitations of this fortress. With each passing day though, my morale keeps dropping. The hope of actually LIVING out my dream diminishes a little with each passing day where nothing seems to happen. Surrender it seems is a reasonable option IF I didn’t know what I know.

My head has been filled with stories of people on the edge of losing everything and then the big break comes. Napoleon Hill shares the story of the Darbys quitting just three feet from gold. These words Napoleon wrote in Think and Grow Rich inspire me to press on:

Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest thing and most logical thing to do is to QUIT. That is exactly what the majority of men do.


“More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known, told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.” 

If you can see it, smell it, hear it, you are much closer than you think to also taste and feel the success and freedom you seek. Do whatever it takes to boost your morale, to take that next step, and move closer to breaking the siege.

Dream BIG and LIVE your dream!






“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to QUIT. That is exactly what the majority of men do.

“More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known, told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them. Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

We continue our series covering the 30 major causes of failure that Napoleon Hill discovered in his research and interviews of thousands of people. We are not only sharing the causes, we are sharing how to correct these causes so you can be back on the road to success.

21. THE HABIT OF INDISCRIMINATE SPENDING – Those who have the habit of spending everything they get, cannot succeed. Only when you develop a habit of systematic savings do you begin to create a safety net to pursue your goals without the fear of poverty taking hold. Knowing you have a significant amount of savings allows you to act with courage, not with desperate need to take anything offered.

A couple of things you can do to correct this problem. One, begin to set aside a certain percentage of your income for savings (not investments). Do this regardless. Make it a habit because there is always something else to buy or an expense that comes along. Two, track your spending for a month, I mean everything. Be sure to include the money you drop into the vending machines at work and the extra items you pick up at the gas station. You might be surprised how much you could cut back and put into savings.

22. LACK OF ENTHUSIASM – Are you more likely to buy a product from someone who displays an enthusiastic demeanor or the person who appears to be uninterested? A person’s enthusiasm is what generates a sense of convincing.  Enthusiasm is a contagious attitude that when it is under control, lights up a room.

If you are a sports fan, you will notice that the teams who are winning will have the most enthusiastic fans. Those fans exude an energy that is felt by the players. Go to a stadium where a team has been on a losing streak, and the level of enthusiasm is so low, it drains any positive energy. It leaves you feeling dejected.

Be enthused about your goals, your purpose, your company, your products, or in whatever you are doing to create success for yourself. Your enthusiasm will overflow into the lives of others who will help you succeed.

23. INTOLERANCE – Those who go through life with a closed mind about anything seldom find success. The most damaging aspect of intolerance is when it relates to people’s race, religious beliefs, gender, political differences, age, or sexual preferences.

Unfortunately, this is one of those issues you may not realize how intolerant you are to others. You may need some close, trusted friends to be brutally honest with you about this one. This one takes an effort to begin opening up to new ideas, new thought processes, and accepting people for who they are. Here’s a challenge for you if you are intolerant of others: Make it a point to engage in meaningful conversation with a person whom you have shown intolerance and get to know the person. You just may be surprised what you learn.

24. INTEMPERANCE – People who overindulge in their base appetites (food, alcohol, and sexual activity) often find themselves struggling to reach success. Moderation and self-control of our desires is key to success.

Think about how much energy that is stolen from your body by overindulging in food. You know the feeling. You ate so much that your body is using so much energy to digest the food, you want to take a nap. Anytime we are intemperant, we will find it hindering our ability to reach success.

25. INABILITY TO COOPERATE WITH OTHERS -No one cares about your success more than you. However, to achieve great success, you need the cooperation of others. There is no such thing as lone ranger success. You need to learn how to cooperate with others.

I have found a couple of great resources that will help you learn how to better cooperate with others. The first is a classic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. The second, Winning Without Intimidation, by Bob Burg. This would be an excellent resource to study. You can learn new skill sets to help you become a more cooperative person.

Don’t let these causes keep you from reaching success. Do what it takes to correct these, and you will be much closer to LIVING your dream.


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We finally have the website live. If you have been following along our journey, you already know that this is part of our startup company, EPIC Journey, Inc.. We are slowly adding different elements to the business and the websites were one part. In time, these websites will be transformed by professionals to add more pizazz and flair. More importantly than that, we will be adding more and more content to help you LIVE your dream. I’ll take great content over looks any day.

We would love your feedback as we continue to grow and develop. Thanks for being a part of our community.

“If you truly, passionately, want to create huge success on every level, if you want to earn major income and create financial freedom for yourself and live a hugely happy and fulfilled life at the same time, five key elements have to be in place. We call them the “Five Musts” of major success:

  • You must find something that stirs your soul.
  • You must become excellent at it.
  • You must recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it.
  • You must understand how to make money at it.
  • You must take daily action.”

John Assaraf & Murray Smith,The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

There are times when a thought pushes its way to front and won’t let go until it is shared. Today’s post is one of those times where the mind is pushing forward one idea. Confirmation came when I opened up the book, The Answer, to the page where the quote above originates. This particular list summarizes what has been circulating in my head the last few days.

I want to share a bit of my story as it relates to having the “Five Musts” in my life. Let me take you back to the summer of 2006 which was a life-changing time for me. We had just started a new church in the St. Louis area 9 months prior and the direction it was going was the opposite of a traditional church. We came to the decision to become an organic community with no paid leaders and have an informal leadership structure. Up to this point in time, my “calling” in life was to be a paid minister (or so was the norm for someone with a “calling”). So when I started to move toward a new way of thinking, I began the search for meaningful work to pay the bills.

In the subsequent years, I searched for something to satisfy my true calling which was buried within me waiting to be uncovered. Through trial and error, I tried numerous things to create income for our family. Some things provided enough, while others sprang up and disappeared in weeks. Each opportunity was teaching me more about myself and leading me to the first “Must,” something to stir my soul.

The year 2011 was when I rediscovered my soul-stirring passion. This passion was something I had been practicing, developing, and mastering since I was 16 years old. I already had the drive to become excellent in this area. It was now a matter of finding a means to make money doing what I had always loved doing.

The key component I have been adding to the mix over the last six months is the reconditioning of my mind to believe I can achieve it. It was easy to do when there was a salaried position available. However, now that I am creating a business to market this skill set, I need to condition my mind to believe I can make money doing what I am passionate about.

What’s next?  I must take action today to bring me one step closer to “major success” or “stratospheric success.”* Tomorrow, I need to take another step. Each and every day thereafter,  taking one more step to making an impact in the world and LIVING my dream.

I would encourage you to examine these “Five Musts” and ask yourself, “Do I have these “Five Musts” in place? Take a step today toward your success by having these elements in your life. When you do, you will be one step closer to LIVING your dream.


*The idea of Stratospheric success comes fromThe Go-Giver, by Bob Burg & John David Mann.

We will be starting a couple of new blog series this week after taking a brief hiatus. For our Wednesday Boost, we will be going through the writings of Napoleon Hill. We will look at his “Laws of Success Course” and “Think and Grow Rich.” The posts will lean more heavily on the application of his works toward leadership. Both works are public domain and we will post links to each of them.

The second series of posts will be for our Monday Jump Start. This series will focus on personal development. We will start with a few ideas from Dale Carnegie, and then move on to some other great resources.

Our Finish Strong posts for Fridays will be a random collection of thoughts from the week.

Over the next several months, we would also like to include some interviews with leaders. We will be looking for leaders who may or may not be well known but have demonstrated strong leadership. Feel free to suggest leaders you know who would be willing to share what they have learned.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to make suggestions in regards to what you want to know more about when it comes to leadership, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

Take Action – Stop SOPA

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Open Congress — A great way to send messages to your elected officials on things that matter to you.


“We come this way but once. We can either tiptoe through life and hope we get to death without being badly bruised, or we can live a full, complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams.” 

Bob Proctor

When you begin to change the direction you are going in life to pursue something loftier, fear will be a natural by-product. What you do with that fear is the key to its power over you. You can acknowledge the fear and take steps to minimize it, or entertain them in your mind until they become bigger and stop you in your tracks.

There is a point in time that you need to acknowledge the fear but push past it and act. The level of action will depend on your risk tolerance. The more averse you are to taking a risk, the smaller the steps you need to take. But take the steps. Someone who has a high risk tolerance is willing to take bigger leaps of faith. Those leaps are more than likely calculated leaps, but the reward for doing so outweighs staying put.

In my life, I have taken a number of leaps into the unknown. Scary? Yes. Worth doing? Without a doubt, those times that I have leaped put me into a better position to pursue my life’s dream. The energy and excitement spurred me on to make something happen to further my desire for success. Being that I am married, the leaps I make now are more calculated but still leaps of faith into the unknown.

In order to make leaps of faith, you must be sure of your intended destination. When you first leap, you may not land exactly where you thought, but it puts you closer than you were previously. You may even find that the destination changes as you go and something better is awaiting you.

 “Fears are nothing more than states of mind.”

Napoleon Hill

While the chapter in the book is quite long, let me say one final thing about fear. If fear is a state of mind, we need to change the words we say. Rather than asking, “What if…” and ending it with negative consequences, what if we make them positive? What if I make this jump and it all works out? What if I do this and next year we are able to buy that dream home? What if I make this move and I get the big promotion? Turn the negative statements that fuel fear and make them positive. Change your state of mind, and you will be able to overcome fear.


(Our daily journey of the last 64 days of 2011 is centered on the principles found in Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” In his book, he encourages his readers to begin teaching others these principles. I would highly recommend that you buy a copy of the book and join us on a journey to a better you.)