Youth/College Speaking

As a Cultural Architect, Greg has always had a passion for bringing out the best in all the students he has worked with. This passion continues to drive him as he speaks from the heart to students. His presentations are engaging, interactive, inspiring, and motivating, making Greg an ideal speaker for any event.


Here is a short list of Greg’s key presentations.

Leaders Today, Leaders for Tomorrow:
Foundations for Emerging Leaders

The world often looks at young people as the leaders of tomorrow. This farsightedness has failed to capitalize on the energy, creativity, power, and intuitiveness many young leaders have to give. Yet, throughout history, young leaders have stepped forward as catalysts of change to make this world a better place to live.

As the Founder of Catalyzing Leaders, Greg has always acknowledged the need to recognize the potential young leaders have to offer now, not later. He has spent over two decades of his life training and mentoring teens and young adults to realize their full potential to be leaders. Greg loves to create environments where people can thrive, grow, and reach that next level in life.

Greg can present The Foundations for Emerging Leaders on three different platforms.

KEYNOTE: Greg will share principles of leadership combined with proven strategies of success to offer a holistic approach to developing a leader who has a strong foundation from which to lead. Audience members will walk away with ideas they can implement right away to be a stronger leader. He will share inspiring stories of young people who have stepped up as leaders to make a positive change in their world.

SEMINAR/WORKSHOP: Interactive sessions that combine activity with teaching to achieve the results you need. Greg can customize your sessions to include:

* What leadership is and is not
* Creating and effectively leading a team
* The character of a leader
* The habits of effective leaders

TRAINING MODULE: Multiple interactive sessions ranging from half day to full day sessions. Utilizing his background in small group facilitation, Greg will facilitate activities designed to unveil each members strengths and natural tendencies in leadership. Participants will gain a better understanding of teamwork and how to achieve more working as a team.

Greg’s passion for developing strong leaders will inspire your people to walk away stronger and more prepared to lead.


The Paradox of Achieving All Three

Forget about the CRAZY STUNTS to create your 15 minutes of fame. Don’t let a POSITION fool you into thinking you have power. And let go of the notion money is EVIL.

In this engaging presentation, Greg will have fun with the audience as he shares how to create a lifestyle that focuses on others. Attendees will discover the secrets to a successful life in business, in relationships, and in their personal lives that is a paradox to traditional thinking.

When it comes to FAME, Greg will share proven principles that demonstrate when a person is focusing on others’ fame first, they will in turn become a little famous as well. After all, who doesn’t want to be around a person who listens and makes them feel important?

When it comes to POWER, influence is the key to true power. True influence is born out of character and integrity, not position. Greg will share a few key principles of increasing your influence without stepping on others.

When it comes to MONEY, the one who gives the most will be the one who gains the most. Money is only a tool, a resource. Greg will show how the person who gives more in value than they take in payment and touches more lives will be the one who accumulates the most money.

This program can be done as a keynote presentation, a workshop/seminar, or extended training session.


Financial Strategies Every Student Should Know Before Graduating

Greg’s past experience as a financial adviser and facilitator of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University has given him the tools necessary for guiding students through the jungle of the financial world. This presentation will touch on key components of forming a strong financial foundation.

This presentation can be done as a standalone program or as part of a series. Greg has developed a 5-part series for couples that covers cash flow planning, rainy day preparation, money and relationships, children, and retirement.

Book signing with Dave Ramsey


Discovering a New World of Cultures

A great orientation program to celebrate diversity on campus. Greg will having you laughing as you explore the many new cultures you encounter when starting college. Having been raised in a rural Pennsylvania town, Greg knows what it is like to encounter the many different cultures for the first time. His experience from working in the inner-city of Baltimore and Philadelphia to his travels into the heart of Mexico has given him real world experience in creating multicultural environments.


Speaker services provided by EPIC Journey, Inc.

PO Box 3007, Fairview Heights, IL 62208


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