Greg “Big Z” Zander

Catalyzing Leaders Blog is published by Greg Zander to encourage people who are currently in leadership roles or looking to become leaders.  Greg has often said that his life title, Cultural Architect, sums up his passion in creating opportunities and environments for people to reach higher places in life. While admitting he has not reached the status of knowing all there is about leadership, he continually learns more as he reads, interviews, and helps others develop their leadership skills.

Greg has a diverse background.  His first “job” was during his junior high years working with his grandfather in construction. He worked on a dairy farm in high school, where he gained the trust of the owners to feel comfortable to take a vacation and leave him in charge of the entire farm.

Greg holds a BA in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on preaching from Eastern Christian College. His love and passion for young people to grow and connect spiritually led him to serve in an inner-city ministry in Philadelphia part-time while working at a local UPS hub, where he advanced into a supervisor role. In the ministry there, he worked with a team of people who created a program for the inner-city youth to give hope to the kids who were surrounded by despair and brokenness.

Youth ministry began to be the driving passion in his life, and Greg moved on to serve as a full-time youth minister for several churches. He learned to coach and mentor youth and the volunteers that worked alongside of him. He developed week-long camps for students to deepen their spiritual lives. To accomplish that goal, Greg created a program and brought together a team of adults. He has led groups, both teens and adults, on national and international events to serve other people. He helped create a mentoring organization for local youth ministers and volunteers. He has spoken and presented publicly multiple times a week and has done thousands of presentations to various groups. He has presented at national conferences.

Greg has an entrepreneurial heart that drives his creative side. He is currently developing an entrepreneurial dream center to unleash the dream in young entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Creating environments where people can grow, thrive, and be inspired to be their best is how Greg describes his role as a Cultural Architect.

Greg is available for individual or group coaching. His emphasis on personal and leadership development, along with his touch of bringing out the best in people, inspires people to higher levels of success.

Greg is available for speaking for any college/university/fraternal event. Click here for a list of Greg’s programs.

Greg is available for speaking for any association or corporate event. Click here for a list of Greg’s topics.

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