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Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in  a teleconference call with Steve Harrison. The purpose of the call, although the content centered around the title, “7 Key Differences Between Rich Authors and Poor Authors,” was all about marketing. It reminded me that I am not in the professional speaking business; I am in the marketing of professional speaking services.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad as a marketing tool for his board games and seminars. The price of the book I have is $15.95 and the two pages in the back of the book promoting the games to further learn the concepts in the book started at $195 for the Cashflow 101 game, $145 for Cashflow 202 game, and $79 for Cashflow for Kids game (prices are what was listed in the book from 1998 edition). Which products or services do you think he makes the most money on?

Steve Harrison mentioned that best-selling author Robert Allen referred to his books as his business card. Authors who understand this concept often include in their books offers for additional free information by going to a particular website. They are gathering emails and addresses for the purposes of marketing more of their products and services.

The call gave me some great insight into how I can structure my business and how I can use my book as a means to offer my services to more people. In that brief call, I learned that if I learn how to market properly, my goal of inspiring one million people to Dream BIG and LIVE Their Dreams can become a reality.

As you finish up the week, reflect on how much of your time and energy this past week went into marketing your products or services. What was something that produced results? What is one thing you can do this next week to strengthen your marketing?