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When you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why. But when you believe, really believe, something can be done, your mind goes to work for you and helps you find the ways to do it.”

David J. Schwartz, Ph.D., The Magic of Thinking Big

One of the key components of achieving success in anything that you set out to do is belief. No matter how BIG the goal, the dream, or the task, if you truly believe it can be done, your mind will begin to create solutions and the steps to achieve it.

When you create an environment where belief is allowed to flourish, you will find ideas are abundant. What becomes even more clear are the steps needed to accomplish the goal or dream. Belief has a powerful influence on the creative part of the mind. When that belief is prevalent in several minds working toward a common goal, you see the power of the mastermind.

We must do all we can to take the word impossible out of our vocabulary. Once that word pops up, our minds begin to formulate all the reasons it is so. It shuts down the creative processes that are necessary to succeed. Only when we open ourselves to the possibility and believe it can be so, do we find the creative energies released.

What is your BIG dream? Are you LIVING your dream? Do you believe you can LIVE your dream? Start believing you can and the doors will begin to open.

“If you truly, passionately, want to create huge success on every level, if you want to earn major income and create financial freedom for yourself and live a hugely happy and fulfilled life at the same time, five key elements have to be in place. We call them the “Five Musts” of major success:

  • You must find something that stirs your soul.
  • You must become excellent at it.
  • You must recondition your mind to believe you can have it and achieve it.
  • You must understand how to make money at it.
  • You must take daily action.”

John Assaraf & Murray Smith,The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

There are times when a thought pushes its way to front and won’t let go until it is shared. Today’s post is one of those times where the mind is pushing forward one idea. Confirmation came when I opened up the book, The Answer, to the page where the quote above originates. This particular list summarizes what has been circulating in my head the last few days.

I want to share a bit of my story as it relates to having the “Five Musts” in my life. Let me take you back to the summer of 2006 which was a life-changing time for me. We had just started a new church in the St. Louis area 9 months prior and the direction it was going was the opposite of a traditional church. We came to the decision to become an organic community with no paid leaders and have an informal leadership structure. Up to this point in time, my “calling” in life was to be a paid minister (or so was the norm for someone with a “calling”). So when I started to move toward a new way of thinking, I began the search for meaningful work to pay the bills.

In the subsequent years, I searched for something to satisfy my true calling which was buried within me waiting to be uncovered. Through trial and error, I tried numerous things to create income for our family. Some things provided enough, while others sprang up and disappeared in weeks. Each opportunity was teaching me more about myself and leading me to the first “Must,” something to stir my soul.

The year 2011 was when I rediscovered my soul-stirring passion. This passion was something I had been practicing, developing, and mastering since I was 16 years old. I already had the drive to become excellent in this area. It was now a matter of finding a means to make money doing what I had always loved doing.

The key component I have been adding to the mix over the last six months is the reconditioning of my mind to believe I can achieve it. It was easy to do when there was a salaried position available. However, now that I am creating a business to market this skill set, I need to condition my mind to believe I can make money doing what I am passionate about.

What’s next?  I must take action today to bring me one step closer to “major success” or “stratospheric success.”* Tomorrow, I need to take another step. Each and every day thereafter,  taking one more step to making an impact in the world and LIVING my dream.

I would encourage you to examine these “Five Musts” and ask yourself, “Do I have these “Five Musts” in place? Take a step today toward your success by having these elements in your life. When you do, you will be one step closer to LIVING your dream.


*The idea of Stratospheric success comes fromThe Go-Giver, by Bob Burg & John David Mann.

“If you want to get rich, focus on a niche.

If you want to be broke, focus on all the folk.”

James D., shared at Dynamite Live, 2011

I am finding this to be one of those paradoxes I am testing out. When I first decided I wanted to launch out with my professional speaking business, the world was my target. After all, my goal is to inspire 1,000,000 people to dream BIG and LIVE their dream. I want to speak anywhere, everywhere, and to whomever. Do you see the problem with that already? There is no way to market one or two speeches to all the masses to accomplish my goal. What would appeal to corporate executives may not fit a college student. What needs to be said to the college student is not the same message to a stay-at-home mother.

Fortunately, I did see the futility in not having a niche market. As I continue to develop my business model, I am narrowing my focus even more to become an expert or a resource to one particular niche. In doing so, I am finding more opportunities within that market I wouldn’t have known existed had I just broadly scattered my marketing efforts.

If you are going to pursue any entrepreneurial venture, narrow your focus. Become the go-to person in that particular market, or have a product or service for a particular market that is a must have product or service. As a leader, become an expert in your field. Expand your knowledge base to become the resource for your area of interest.

Narrow your focus and you will broaden your exposure.

“…power is a constant in the world. You shape your perceptions, or someone shapes them for you. You do what you want to do, or you respond to someone else’s plan for you.”

Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Power is often a word that comes with both positive and negative emotional attachment. Oftentimes, the television news stations broadcast stories of power being abused. Occasionally, there are uplifting stories of people in power doing great things for the welfare of mankind or the world. How power is perceived depends greatly upon personal experience.

Every person is granted the choice of how much power someone holds over them. Some willingly give up that power to someone else, while others refuse to do so. Numerous stories of prisoners of war who refused to let their captives have power over them have been documented over the years. Martyrs of religious faiths who refuse to deny their beliefs and are executed for not yielding to someone else choosing for them.

Many people do not pursue their dreams because they allow someone else to have power over them. They allow negative, limiting statements hold them down. They choose to follow a plan designed for them by someone else’s choosing.

The time has come to realize the power to choose your own destiny lies in your hands. You must release yourself from the grip of those who would wield their power over you. Free yourself to live YOUR dream. Give yourself the power to change your life, your destiny, so that you can make a positive difference in the world.

Dream BIG and LIVE your dream!

Reflecting on my journey through life up to this point, perfection has been one of those things I have striven for in just about everything I have done. It is also one of the barriers that has kept me from moving forward in pursuit of my dreams. Perhaps it is what is keeping you from pursuing yours.

You see, perfection is the ideal. We would all love to provide a product or service that never failed or broke down. Imagine using a computer that never crashed or had a hangup. How about a cell phone that never dropped a call? How much more stable would our economy be both personally and nationally if we all new how to perfectly time what was going to happen in the market place? What I am describing is a dream world that is far from reality.

In the past, I always felt as if I had to hold to this level of moral perfection as a youth minister. All those young influential minds constantly looking to their youth minster as the example of how to live right morally. I lived in a constant state of self-examination to make sure I was not one of those “hypocrites” that the kids in the youth group were seeing in the lives of the other adults they knew.

I carried this same mindset over to the business world only to find perfection to be a barrier to action. Rather than starting where I am now with the resources I have available, I want to launch my business as if it has been around for 20 years. I want to create a brand with a logo, catchy tag-line, professionally created websites that just WOW every person who visits, and the list goes on and on. Although it may seem like a reasonable approach to have all those things when starting a business, it actually becomes a barrier to action when you keep waiting for it all to come together.

So what do you do when you are facing this barrier? How do you not just stop and stare at it? Let me share a couple of thoughts that have helped me.

First, humble yourself. Don’t let the unknown thoughts and words of someone else influence your decision to move forward. You cannot predict nor can you control what other people say or do. It has been said, “No one erects a statue to a critic.” No matter what you do in life, there will be critics. So what if it isn’t perfect right now. Give yourself some room to grow.

Second, create the best from what you have. When people see your heart, your intention, and know that you are providing the best content, product, or service, they will accept it for what it is. People will always come back and do business with people they know, like and trust.

Finally, let the picture of perfection be your goal. Always look for the next step that will move you closer to your goal. Taking steps is a lot easier than trying to jump a mile wide canyon.

Don’t let the barrier of perfection stop you from moving forward with your dreams. Start where you are and do the absolute best you can with what you have.

Dream BIG and LIVE your dream!

“Feed your passion and it will feed you.” 

Dixie “Dynamite” Gillaspie

Dixie Gillaspie, my entrepreneurial coach, has a deck of cards printed with inspirational words of encouragement for those who want to live their dreams.  This particular one is posted in front of my desk as a daily reminder to feed my passion.

I have chosen to feed my passion three meals a day as the opportunity to do so has presented itself in my life. For those who don’t have that opportunity now, perhaps a regular midnight snack would be a fitting place to start. Throw in a lunch with someone who has a similar passion once a week, and soon your passion will grow and want more. In time, it will start rewarding you with dessert and your passion may become your bread and butter.

Have you fed your passion today?

“Feed your passion and it will feed you.”

Dream BIG and LIVE your dream!

Dreams have their beginning as a thought in the mind of the dreamer.  The thought grows into a vision where one can visualize the realization of the dream being lived out. Napoleon Hill began the first chapter of his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” with these words:

“TRULY, ‘thoughts are things,’ and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.”

When a person begins to realize how their thoughts become things, “powerful things,” it triggers a self-evaluation.  What have their thoughts manifested in their life? Who has been in control of those thoughts? Where have those thoughts led their life up to this moment? There may even be the question, are thoughts really things?

An experiment in thought may bring to light the power of thoughts.  The following paragraph is designed to have a physical response to the reader as it is read.  The reader simply needs to create a mental image of all the details in the story.

“Timmy was one of the most curious three-year-old children his mom, Laura, had ever met. From across the room, she watched him as a bright yellow fruit she just sliced caught his eye. Making his way to the table, Timmy climbed up onto the chair. He stretched out and grabbed a wedge. Deciding that it would fit perfectly into his mouth, he sunk his teeth into the lemon.”

A true mental picture may have induced a physical reaction.  Perhaps a puckering of lips or a tightening of the body as if it just bit into the lemon. Yet, if there was no real lemon present, why did the body react?  If thoughts can produce a reaction in the body, they can produce results in our life pursuits.

The dreamer must realize the importance their thoughts have in living out their dreams. The more detail the dreamer puts into their dream, the more information the mind has to work with to begin perceiving opportunities to bring it to pass.  Because the mind does not differentiate truth from falsehood, it begins to manifest what it is being fed. Feed the mind with positive thoughts and vivid pictures of the dream and the dreamer will see them being realized.

The process of living out a dream requires more than just thoughts.  As Napoleon Hill said, “..when mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE…” thoughts become powerful, life-changing things.  It begins with thought!

Dream BIG and LIVE your dream!