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What do you believe about money? Do you see money as good or evil? What were the dominating thoughts about money from your family growing up? What you believe about money influences where you are today in terms of your financial success.

“To become wealthy, you’ll need to surface, identify, root out, and replace any negative or limiting beliefs you may have about money.”

Jack Canfield, p. 373

Our subconscious may be holding limiting beliefs within us from our childhood. Perhaps we were taught that “money is evil,” “there isn’t enough money to go around,” “money doesn’t grow on trees,” rich people only care about money,” or “you can’t buy happiness.” The things you heard often and early in life about money or the things you observed as a result of trying to get money have ingrained in your subconscious a belief system about wealth.  Uncovering this belief system will help you uncover any limiting beliefs about money.

Write down your thoughts about money. Write out what lessons or ideas about it you received growing up. Identify those beliefs that are negative and limiting. Once you have identified your limiting beliefs, begin this two-step process for turning those beliefs around.

First, challenge your limiting belief, argue with it, or make fun of it. For example, if you wrote down, “Money is the root of all evil,” challenge it with these thougths:

  • Money is the root of all philanthropy.
  • Money is the root of all great vacations.
  • Money is what allows me to be more generous and compassionate, to change the world for good.
Second, create a statement that is a positive turnaround statement. Write one that excites you to the very core of your being. Add this statement to your daily affirmations. You might write something like, “When it comes to me, money is the the root of compassion, love, and making the world a better place.” As you begin to say this daily along with your affirmations, you begin to change your mindset toward a positive money consciousness.
Money in and of itself is amoral; it is neither good nor evil. Money is just a tool used by people for either good or evil. Just like a brick, you can either build something with it or throw it through a window. The brick is at the mercy of the hands that hold it. The secret is to create a positive money consciousness whereby you think of money in a positive light used for good.
One of my favorite books is “The Go-Giver.” The authors share five laws for stratospheric success. The second law they uncover in the book is “The Law of Compensation.”  This law states:
“Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.” (p. 45) 

When your focus is on serving other people to bring value into their lives through your service or products, your income will increase according to how well you serve them. Every business started out with an idea of a product or service that served people. The more people the company serves well, the larger the company becomes. The same is true in your life.

If you are serious about changing your belief system about money, I would strongly recommend T. Harv Eker’s book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” He also hosts three-day events, Millionaire Mind Intensives and oftentimes you can receive complimentary tickets to the event.


(Our daily journey of the last 64 days of 2011 is centered on the principles found in Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” In his book, he encourages his readers to begin teaching others these principles. I would highly recommend that you buy a copy of the book and join us on a journey to a better you.)