Here’s what others have to say about Greg.

“Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave our JILG officers at our Leadership Development Conference. The students enjoyed the time you spent with them teaching teamwork-building skills. We appreciate everything you did for our students.”
Tonya Frenner, Braden Gibbs, & Jennifer Arnold – Jobs for Illinois Graduates Staff

“Greg has the ability to capture audiences of every age (youth and adult) and has a passion for whatever it is he is doing…He doesn’t just talk about ideas; he sets things in motion.”
Audra Clodfelter – Illinois Student Assistance Commission

“If you are looking for someone who is always looking for ways to help business leaders grow and develop their businesses, someone who is willing to jump right in and make things happen, you should seriously consider Greg…I think you will find his energy and genuineness to be an asset to grow your organization.  You will not find many people who exemplify a positive, caring disposition along with a broad range of experiences and a passion to learn more than you will find in Greg. I would highly recommend Greg.”
Tara Lorenz-Keller – Founder, TK Companies, Inc.

“On behalf of the ICA officers at Harrisburg High School, we want to thank you for helping us have a wonderful time. It was a really good experience.”
Stephanie Stewart – Secretary, Harrisburg High School Chapter or Jobs for Illinois Graduates

“Greg is unique in his experience and abilities and utilizes them well in alignment with people and systems of work. He is a gifted thinker and innovator. He is best utilized in areas of leadership as it focuses on design and overall structure. He brings energy and excitement with his positive attitude and people-oriented skills…I am assured that Greg would be a vital element to your work and would prove to be competent, visionary, servant-hearted, and successful.  You would do well to consider Greg.”
Eric Splechter – Executive Minister, Cornerstone Christian Church

“One of the things that stands out about Greg is that he is a ‘Go-Giver” – a person who believes that he or she receives more by giving without keeping score. He is always looking for ways to give back…He is a very creative, idea-generating person who thrives in being a part of the creative process…You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has Greg’s energy when it comes to collaborating with others to help them reach higher levels of success.’
Gill Wagner – Founder, Yellow-Tie International 

“Greg has passion. He throws himself full into what is in front of him…his passion captivating, providing him with quite an influence!”
Mark Luzadder – Oil Belt Camp Director

“When Greg is passionate about something, he is always fully committed to it and has the ability to inspire others to join him. Because of his personality and openness, he helps people to grow and develop beyond their expectations.”
Vicki Macklin – Community Relations, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Effingham, Illinois

“Greg has an awesome ability to communicate his vision and to empower others to follow him.”
Norman Gruenewald – Activities Director, The Manor at Salem Woods

  1. Stephanie Leftwich says:

    I haven’t led the perfect life. I had downfalls and made mistakes. Some would call these failures. But I call these “failures” a chance to make myself stronger and wiser. That is what failures are; learning experiences that life gives us. If we learn from our failures, then we will have the success that we strive for. This road is not easy. There will always be roadblocks and hurdles. In one month, I will be a single mom that will graduate from Eastern Illinois University. It was a struggle at times, but I’m glad that I took the risk. If I would have given up during those rough classes, then I would had given in to true failure.

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